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We will gladly provide you with pricing. However, pricing depends on a number of factors and in order for us to quote you the most accurate price, we will need you to answers the following questions:
1.       Which product(s) are you interested in?
2.       What time frame you need the product(s) in?
3.       How many of this product do you need?
4.       Where will they be used?
5.       Do you have a budget you are trying to stay within?
6.       What City, State and Zip Code would the items ship to?
7.       Is the ship to address a business, residence or worship facility?
Pricing depends on several factors. In order to give you an accurate representation of pricing and availability, we like to first identify our customers’ needs.
A lot of products look the same but could be of lesser quality. Just displaying a price isn’t enough to compare products.

Freight Carriers require sufficient area to accommodate a 53’ trailer. Due to trucking restrictions, no residential deliveries are permitted.
Contract Carrier Deliveries: It is standard procedure for the freight company to notify you 24 HOURS before any delivery is made. It is very important to make sure that we have two telephone numbers of the contact person before your order is shipped from our factory. (Please Note: Generally, once the order has shipped Mill Brook Industries, Inc. does not have contact with the driver.)
LTL Shipments (Less Than Full Truck Loads): It is standard procedure for the freight company to provide us with a Tracking/Pro # when applicable, once the order has shipped. Mill Brook Industries will forward this information to you so you will have a reasonable expectation of delivery times. (Please Note: Not all carriers offer Tracking/Pro #’s)
Orders with tracking information usually require 24 Hours before they can be tracked.
Stackable Chairs & Folding Chairs:
Contract Carrier Deliveries: Orders are wrapped and stacked 8 to 12 chairs high and weigh approximately 160 to 240 pounds or more. 
LTL Deliveries: If boxed, the chairs will ship 4 to 5 per box and weigh about 97 pounds. 
Folding Tables: Will be packed one per carton and palletized (when applicable). 
*MBI always recommends our customer purchase storage and transport dollies for easy delivery and transport.
We will ship your order using the fastest, safest and most reliable method possible. Orders are generally shipped one of two ways: LTL or contract carrier (on a 53’ trailer). There must be sufficient area to accommodate a 53’ trailer. Due to trucking restrictions, no residential deliveries.
It is a Special Service offered by some LTL Carriers, in which case the driver will deliver just inside the front or back door. The driver does not deliver to any other area within the building. There is an additional charge for this service and must be requested when placing your initial order. Also, it is also not offered by all carriers.
The products leave the factory in good condition and the freight carrier signs off on that fact. The freight carrier is responsible for delivering the product in good condition. The freight carrier must replace any and all products that are damaged, BUT WILL ONLY DO SO WHEN DAMAGES HAVE BEEN NOTATED ON THE BILL OF LADING BY THE RECEIVER.
BE SURE TO INSPECT ALL BOXES or PACKAGING and THEIR CONTENTS for possible damage BEFORE YOU SIGN THE BILL OF LADINGNote all FREIGHT damage on the bill of lading and then call the freight company. Filing a freight claim in a timely manner will make the process of replacing your damaged product(s) easier and faster. The freight company will provide you with the correct forms, and we will be here to help out should you need it.

SMALL PARCEL: We do not require an adult signature for deliveries, but please note that the decision to leave your package without a signature is at the discretion of the delivery person. If you want an item left at your doorstep, the best thing to do is leave a note on your door asking the driver to leave your package with "No Signature Required." Be sure to include your name and tracking number on the note.

DISCLAIMER: If any damages occur during shipment, please notify MBI as soon as possible. In order to receive replacements, please submit an itemized damage list and pictures to MBI within (5) days of receiving shipment.

If a customer delays requested ship date, outstanding balance of invoice becomes due. Unless prior arrangements have been made, Mill Brook Industries, Inc. reserves the right to sell any chairs for the balance due on your order. Due to limited floor space, your order will be held for 30 days beyond requested ship date without incurring a storage fee. After 30 days we can provide additional storage time. Standard storage rates will apply. 
However, if an order has already shipped we will be unable to delay its ship date. (At least (7) days notice is required prior to shipping).
You must have your own volunteers/employees to unload truck. The truck driver will not unload. There is an additional minimum charge of $450.00 if you want the truck driver to unload. This service is considered a Special Service and must be ordered when placing your initial order. This service is also not offered by all carriers.


Mill Brook Industries, Inc. does not provide financing. However, we will gladly provide you with contact information to companies who do provide these services. MBI is not responsible or in any way affiliated with the finance companies listed below.
Global Church Financing:
Phone: 212.480.4900
ACI Financial, Inc.:  
Contact: Linda Tensen (Ext. 146) or Roy Hout (Ext. 145) Toll Free: 877.862.6615 
What forms of payment do you accept? All prices quotes are based on payments of cash or check, any other payment form is subject to a convenience charge.
We accept the following forms of payment in US dollars only.
1.       Business or Worship Facility Checks  *Processed by ACH Automated Clearing House Payment or  EFT Electronic Funds Transfer
2.       Cashier Checks *Processed by ACH Automated Clearing House Payment or  EFT Electronic Funds Transfer
3.       Money Orders (*Convenience Charges Apply)
4.       Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover (*Convenience Charges Apply)



Warranty Issues:

All warranty issues need to be itemized and faxed to Mill Brook Industries, Inc. at 770.788.3994. Replacements can take up to eight weeks for processing and completion.

What does a Limited Manufacturer Warranty cover?

The manufacturer offers the original user a warranty against all manufacturer defects in material and workmanship for a specified number of years (longer on some product, as noted).    If defective, product manufacturer will, at its option, repair or replace the defective product. This warranty does not apply to damage resulting from misuse, abuse or neglect. Authorization for return and/or repairs is required by contacting MBI. This warranty gives you specific rights, and you may also have other rights which vary.


Some warranties are contingent solely on application/use of chairs. Manufacturer reserves the right to reduce warranty based on application/use of product (i.e. Hospitality and/or Rental Industries).

Neither MBI nor the Manufacturer shall be liable in any manner whatsoever for consequential, incidental, direct or any other damages arising from any defect in any product


Note: COM (Customers Own Material)/Custom Fabrics are warranted by the textile manufacturer only! See the textile manufacturer warranty for a list of inclusion and exclusion on those products.   

Order Changes and Cancelations:

What if I need to change my order?

Special or Production Orders: Special or Production Orders have a 24-hour grace period after being placed in which we can change that order. After such grace periods, MBI will make every effort to accommodate our customers but cannot guarantee further change requests can be made.
 Please be sure to have all final decisions made before submitting your order. There can be no cancelations after the receipt of your order.     Due to the custom nature of your order, it cannot be canceled.

Generally our website and printable brochures serve as our catalog. However, we will be happy to send you any additional information available upon request. 



Customer  feedback and questions are very important to us.  We are always looking for ways to serve you better.  We want you to become a lifelng customer with Mill Brook Industries, Inc.  If you have a question we will be happy to answer it!


Please submit your questions or comments here.  


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