World’s most expensive church chairs?

October 3rd, 2012 Millbrookindustries

Photograph by: Sotheby’s

Recently, a pair of chairs went to auction at the famous Sotheby’s New York auction house and left as possibly the most expensive church chairs ever.

Two 17th century Ming Dynasty chairs that sat relatively untouched and unnoticed in St. Matthias Anglican Church on Victoria Island in British Columbia were sold for a whopping $630,000 at the auction.

The bid was won by a private collector from China, going through Hong Kong dealer Morris Low, who bed on behalf of the collector, according to a Times Colonist article. Harold Yeo, the auction houses assistant vice-president and specialist in Chinese works of art, actually flew out to Victoria to see the chairs himself after seeing a photograph of them, the article said.

The auction was heavily bid. The bidding started at $120,000 and after a flurry of $10,000 bids reached $500,000, the bidding increased to $25,000 before it eventually ended.

“We knew they would do well – we expected them to make at least half a million,” Yeo told the Times Colonist. They were “literally sitting on a gold mine.”

The church chairs are called Huanghuali Yokeback chairs and those $630,000 chairs will help keep the church afloat and to help with the community.

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