Olefin Commercial Fabric Cleaning Guide

March 8th, 2013 millbrookindustries

Dry or wet soil can often be easily removed from most olefin contract fabrics. Because the majority of commercial fabrics offered on our products resist most stains, spots may be removed by ordinary cleaning methods. Though our fabrics repel soil, dirt and spills can deposit in the pores of the fabric. Spot cleaning, followed by water spray rinses and wet-vac extraction should return the fabric to its original look.


1. Remove spots and stains promptly to make cleaning easier. Blot wet spills with an absorbent tissue, cloth or paper towel. If you find a hard, crusty stain, tap the spot with a spoon to break up the encrustation so that you can remove as much of it as possible before cleaning the spot by scraping with the spoon, then dry vacuuming.

2. Try to determine the composition of the stain and then choose an appropriate cleaning agent as suggested from the listing.

3. Use the minimal amount of cleaning agent necessary to remove the stain. Triple spray rinse with water and use a wet vacuum step after each rinse. Blot with a clean towel, then allow to air dry.

4. Some oil-based products may require special or extra cleaning as shown in chart. If a solvent is required for cleaning, apply it to a clean cloth or paper towel. This cloth should be gently rubbed onto the soiled area. A separate cloth should then be pressed onto the fabric to blot up the stain. Repeated applications may be required. Do not apply solvent directly to the fabric or soak the fabric with a solvent. Read all warning labels prior to using any chemical or solvent.

Mill Brook Industries Church Chair Olefin Cleaing Guide

Church Chair Fabric Olefin Cleaning Guide




1.  Water
2.  A dish detergent solution of 1 tsp per quart of water
3.  A detergent / Ammonia (3-6%) solution
4.  A squirt of glycol solvent like “Goof-Off”* and blot dry.
5.  Paint remover
6.  Undiluted white vinegar
7.  Oxalic or citric acids
8.  Hot-water extraction. Apply clean water and vacuum until all soap is removed from fabric

*Registered trademark of Valspar Corp. Wheeling, IL


This information is presented as a suggested guide for the care and maintenance for the majority of Contract fabrics using olefin fiber. It is based on the best information available at present and is subject to revision as additional knowledge and experience becomes available. Mill Brook Industries, Inc. makes no guarantee as to results and assumes no responsibility in connection with this information, nor for any damage to component materials hereby assumed. Cleaning schedule should be determined by application and component materials hereby assumed. The use of light shades tends to show soiling more readily than medium or dark shades.


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