Metal vs. Plastic debate

October 19th, 2012 Millbrookindustries

When the decision comes to buying chairs from Mill Brook Industries, you may ask yourself, wood or metal?

Mill Brook Industries offers both metal and wooden chairs with each having their own advantages.

So in the spirit of the upcoming presidential election, let’s go through some benefits of both metal and wooden chairs in Round One of the metal vs. wooden chair debate.

Durability: First, metal chairs are strong and sturdy. They are used in lots of restaurants because of their durability in high-use situations. Think of a busy restaurant or banquet hall. That restaurant chair or banquet chair could be used by more than 20 different patrons throughout the day. Now multiply that by 350 times a year and we’re talking about 7,000 times a year a chair could be used by someone different.

A metal chair can handle that kind of wear and tear, but how about a wooden chair? Possibly. But as we all know wooden chairs wobble over time, can break if fallen over. You have to figure once in a while a wooden chair will get water on it, and water can warp wood if not treated. Let’s give the edge to metal chairs.

Comfort: Now most metal chairs have some kind of plastic pad or cushion to make it a little comfortable. If not, wooden chairs would get the edge. Wooden chairs can also feature cushions, so a wooden chair with a cushion and metal chair with a cushion is kind of a wash. But most wooden chairs can handle being used without cushions or pads for support.

Also, think about this, Wooden chairs have been built and used since the Middle Ages, and typically, people don’t mind sitting on a wooden chair, compared to an uncomfortable, all metal chair. Leaving the cushions out of this, Wooden has the edge.

Style: Wooden Chairs have lasted the test of time. Their design has stayed relatively unchanged since being used on a daily basis, and can bring a rustic and even contemporary style to a home or business depending on its stain or color. Think of a dining room table chair.

Metal chairs, well, can be contemporary and ultra-modern, but comfort doesn’t play a role and usage doesn’t either. Metal chairs aren’t typically used in living rooms, unlike a rocking chair. Wooden gets the edge again.

In these categories, Wooden takes a 2-1 advantage in the debate. There will be more categories to evaluate later on, but heading out of the first half, wooden chairs have a 2-1 lead, scoring points in style and comfort, while metal chairs’ durability scores a point.

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