Folding chair follies are fun, when it’s not you

September 7th, 2012 Millbrookindustries

Folding Chairs and folding tables are great because they’re easy to move, easy to store and if not ordered from Mill Brook Industries, they can make for some funny, yet unwanted moments.

NBA Rookie Fab Melo, a 6-foot 11 center out of Syracuse, became a viral hit on last week, not because of a jaw-dropping dunk, but from a funny incident where the folding chair he was sitting on collapsed underneath him.

The video has over 374,000 views and plenty of laughs, including his peers who witnessed the incident getting prepared for the annual NBA rookie photoshoot.

Now incidents like these probably happen every week somewhere – weddings, backyard BBQs, family parties – and you would think an NBA player is no match for a folding chair. But think about what basketball players sit on every game when watching the game from the bench, a folding chair. So it doesn’t happen to them as much as one would think.

This may have been a freak accident, but a funny one nonetheless.

Mill Brook Industries carries a variety of high quality, durable and STRONG, folding chairs and padded folding chairs, so your guests can rely on comfort and stability when sitting down, instead of being on the wrong side of laughs and a viral YouTube video. For even greater piece of mind, all our chairs come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

From wood, steel, and lightweight plastic folding chairs, to folding chairs with tablet arms, fan back folding chairs and padded folding chairs for the best comfort, Mill Brook Industries provides high quality chairs for businesses, churches, or any large event that is in need of dozens of durable chairs at a fair price.

Check out our discounted prices if you order more than 100 chairs in a single purchase. Mill Brook Industries sells many styles of folding chairs at almost a 50 percent discounted, passing savings on to you the customers, and that’s nothing to laugh about.




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