Classroom furniture

October 11th, 2012 Millbrookindustries

Did you know Millbrook Industries sells classroom furniture?

School is back in session and might be time for those old, raggedy desks that are keeping your students unable to focus on their work to be replaced with new sturdy desks.

Millbrook offers a full line of classroom furniture, including chairs, desks, desks and chairs and even tables.

These ergonomically shaped desks are proven to stand the test of time, so the investment is worth it. from metal chairs and wooden folding desktops, to just ergonomic stacking classroom chairs, Mill Brook Industries has plenty to choose from to keep your students sharp.

Popular and efficient are these solid plastic desk combo. This sturdy and durable desk features a solid plastic seat and back, held up by nickel chrome plating. The basket underneath, which prevents the students behind from using it as a footrest, holds books and notebooks to keep them off the ground or off the 18-inch by 24-inch workspace.

The desk is efficient and will be long lasting. It comes with a 10-year warranty on the frame and two year warranty on the parts. This is by far the top of the line chair and desk combo on the market today.

Administrators, with cut backs to teachers and large class sizes, the least thing you can do give your students new desks to help them perform each and every day.

Check out all of what Mill Brook Industries has to offer in chairs, tables and furniture for your school or office.

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