As the saying goes: “Good, Fast, or Cheap: Pick Two!”

  It’s the reality of life; you can’t have it all.  Or Can You?   Good & Fast = Expensive:  Your product will receive all the attention to get it made Good and Fast.  However, it will not be Cheap.   Good & Cheap = Slow:  Your product will be Good and Cheap.  However, you […]

Standing Room Only in Your Church?

  Do you have standing room only in your church? Is it because you have a lot of parishioners, or could it be that you need to fully maximize your church’s row and aisle spacing.   We have outlined a guide to help your church set up rows and aisles.  This guide is based on […]

Olefin Commercial Fabric Cleaning Guide

Dry or wet soil can often be easily removed from most olefin contract fabrics. Because the majority of commercial fabrics offered on our products resist most stains, spots may be removed by ordinary cleaning methods. Though our fabrics repel soil, dirt and spills can deposit in the pores of the fabric. Spot cleaning, followed by […]

Caring for Upholstered Church Chairs and Banquet Chairs

Do you knowing how to clean and care for your upholstered church chairs? With proper cleaning, care, and maintenance, it is possible to have all the sanctuary looking its best for a long time. It pays to be consistent, and it’s not hard to do.   Choose the Right Fabric   When you choose the […]

Price Increases for 2013

Mill Brook Industries will be increasing prices on several product lines January 1, 2013. Due to our suppliers continued price increases in raw materials, transportation and the (weak) devaluation of the US dollar. MBI has absorbed most of these cost increases for several years with the hope of stabilization of prices. Unfortunately this has not […]

Have you defined your worship style?

  In the past, seating in churches was, typically, a basic pew that accommodated lots of people; was strong, unmovable and to some extent uncomfortable. This is no longer the case. Churches have evolved, the form in which congregations worship have changed as well.   Nowadays, churches are far more broad and reflective of personal […]

Metal vs. Plastic debate

When the decision comes to buying chairs from Mill Brook Industries, you may ask yourself, wood or metal? Mill Brook Industries offers both metal and wooden chairs with each having their own advantages. So in the spirit of the upcoming presidential election, let’s go through some benefits of both metal and wooden chairs in Round […]

Classroom furniture

Did you know Millbrook Industries sells classroom furniture? School is back in session and might be time for those old, raggedy desks that are keeping your students unable to focus on their work to be replaced with new sturdy desks. Millbrook offers a full line of classroom furniture, including chairs, desks, desks and chairs and […]

World’s most expensive church chairs?

Recently, a pair of chairs went to auction at the famous Sotheby’s New York auction house and left as possibly the most expensive church chairs ever. Two 17th century Ming Dynasty chairs that sat relatively untouched and unnoticed in St. Matthias Anglican Church on Victoria Island in British Columbia were sold for a whopping $630,000 […]

Folding chair follies are fun, when it’s not you

Folding Chairs and folding tables are great because they’re easy to move, easy to store and if not ordered from Mill Brook Industries, they can make for some funny, yet unwanted moments. NBA Rookie Fab Melo, a 6-foot 11 center out of Syracuse, became a viral hit on last week, not because of a […]